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New Blood from Old Wounds

Haworth Hodgkinson


After we argued
I went to cool off
by the harbour.

The sun had just set
and a salt-scented haze
was beginning to dust
the sea and sand
with sanguine luminescence.
Screeching patrols of swifts
chased surplus flies
from the heavy
evening air.
Along the waterfront
couples and individuals
occupied every bench,
enchanted eyes
watching the greatest
free unlicensed spectacle
the planet had to offer.

I was reminded of
the time we had argued
many years before,
when I had gently woken you
to share a spontaneous sunrise
in early summer
but you had been more concerned
with your sleep
and with waking for work
in the morning.


Written 1994
Revised 2003
Edited 2004

Published in Spirit of the Deveron, 2008
(Blue Salt Publishing)

Spirit of the Deveron

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